24 Signs You’re A Hopeless Romantic

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 Vinoth ChandarVinoth Chandar

1. Your capacity for watching cheesy romantic comedies and/or Nicholas Sparks flicks that you know have little to no cinematic value can only be described as superhuman.

2. The idea of receiving flowers at random gets you only slightly less excited than the prospect of winning the lottery.

3. You are likely to ascribe personalities and feelings to inanimate objects in your life. You also may or may not be afraid of hurting the feelings of such things as a kitten, your car, or a toaster that you hit for burning your toast.

4. The strangest things are likely to make you coo “Awwww” audibly while your friends stare at you.

5. The scene at the end of An Officer and A Gentleman made you want to move to Annapolis and stake yourself a good spot outside of the Naval Academy to catch yourself a uniform.

6. You…

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17 Things You Will Learn During Your Freshman Year Of College

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Sydney White (Widescreen Edition)Sydney White (Widescreen Edition)

1. Relationships are fleeting. That girl you got along with so well at orientation? You’ll see her all the time and never speak. The guy who borrowed your pencil in calculus that you had a “connection” with? He will literally disappear at the end of the semester.

2. Yes, you will see people from your high school you don’t like. Yes, they will act like you’ve been best friends since preschool.

3. The dorm you are assigned to can make or break you. Each one has a completely different atmosphere and totally changes who your friends are.

4. Going out is an option every night of the week. That doesn’t mean you should go out every night, though, no matter how much you may want to.

5. You will change your major, or at least consider changing it, at least once. It’s inevitable.

6. Registration week…

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2014 Sochi Olympic Journal #5: Why the Winter Olympics are the Greatest Party on Earth

The Winter Olympics are the single best party on earth.

For 17 days, in the cold and in the dark of early winter nights, in white breaths and bright lights an environment is transformed. In this moment, anything feels possible and everyone is in a good mood. In the burgeoning crowds on the busy streets, each fragile contact with fellow humans that used to result in the withdrawal of hands and eyes instead leads to a brightening curiosity, a hand on the shoulder and the immediate question, “What are you going to watch? Who are you here for?”


There is a sanctity in the space and in the cold. In that moment a temporary alignment of values between people of every country, politic and religion is created and held sacred. Some of the spectators are Olympic fans there for the general fanfare and love of sport, but more often there…

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Ordering at Restaurants

For some reason, this thought just came to me…it involves the way people order at a restaurant.  I started out wondering what a certain person would order to drink and it just spiraled into what people of different age and gender get to drink, which lead to the manner in which someone orders.

Whenever I am at a restaurant, I almost always get water.  Not because I’m trying to be cheap and save myself $1.30 for a coke, but just because it’s my preference for most meals.  It’s interesting that most women order water when they go out to eat (or maybe even a glass of wine), but more men will order some kind of soft drink or even a beer.  Maybe this is just stereotypical, but I found it interesting.

So my next train of thought lead me around a table, and how each person says their drink order.  The first person often starts out with “I’ll have ____” then it just starts to go around the table and everyone just shouts out their drink, like “water, water, water, coke, sprite, lemonade,” etc.  This seems normal to me.  But then think about how each person orders their meal.  It’s more of a conversation between you and the waiter.  I have heard people say “I’ll have the pepperoni pizza.”  I’ve heard people just use the shouting out style again, “pepperoni pizza for me!” haha.  For some reason this way irks me, even when my dad does it because I feel like it’s so demanding.  I personally ask the waiter, “May I have the pepperoni pizza?” or “Can I have the pepperoni pizza?”

I like the question best because in the sense of ordering, there is a chance you actually cannot have the pepperoni pizza because they are out of pepperoni.  In which case, saying “I’ll have the pepperoni pizza” or “pepperoni pizza for me” would be incorrect because no, without pepperoni, you won’t be having a pepperoni pizza.

I realize this really is no big deal and I think I had a deeper place to go when I first decided to write my thoughts down, but I have now lost my train of thought.  But if any person who is actually reading this wants to give their thoughts or personal view as a waiter on whether or not you even notice this, then pleaseee comment below 🙂

Now I’m hungry and going to go get some food so byee!

Day 13 – Workout Challenge

Day 13: What is your favorite cardio workout? Why?

I absolutely love Zumba classes!  I used to dance as a kid, and I wish I still did because it is so much fun.  I like how zumba is really heart pumping but you are having a great time while doing it.  I have never sweat so much than when I am in a zumba class.  Afterwards, I always feel so good 🙂


Today’s weight @ 4:15 – 156 lbs

Day 9 – Workout Challenge

I had to take a break because I was sick 😦 but I’m just gonna pick up right where I left off! So today was day 9 🙂

Day 9: What is your favorite workout drink? Why?

Water is my go to drink.  I occasionally will drink a gatorade, but I dislike powerade.  If you count Naked Juice as a workout drink, then that’s mine haha but I’d just say water.  It’s replenishing, doesn’t taste like sugar, and my body desperately needs it.  After a scare of almost being hospitalized with severe dehydration last year, I now try to have a glass of water in my hands at all times.  I don’t drink sodas or coffee or anything like that, I just don’t drink with my meals, which is what led me to be dehydrated.  Now I know, being dehydrated like I was is not only terribly unhealthy, but also painful.  The cramps my body was experiencing and the headaches were unfathomable.  I guess it took me to that point before I learned my lesson.

so… DRINK UP!! 

Today’s weight @ 11am – 154.4 lbs

Day 5 – Workout Challenge

It’s Friday!!! So today I chose to do an altered version of Monday’s workout b/c my major fix is butt and legs.

Day 5:  What was your favorite sport or activity as a child? Why?

As a kid, I played practically every sport possible.  I was a total tomboy and I have to admit very good at sports.  I played soccer for the longest amount of time.  I began playing at age 7 and played with the same team until I was 13.  Honestly, we were amazing.  At age 10, we were playing 13 year olds because we beat everyone our age by so much.  I stopped playing because we all started playing for our school teams, which I did one year, but it just wasn’t the same.  (Now I play lacrosse, and what’s funny is that I play practically the same position that I did in soccer.  Midfield. Lots of running haha).

Another favorite activity I did was ride horses.  I can’t quite remember how old I was when I began riding, but I quickly fell in love.  I learned the true meaning of the phrase, “when you fall off the horse, you just gotta get back up and try again.”  Yes, I did fall (and once even got thrown) off a few horses.  But what I loved is that the horses usually would realize you weren’t on their back and turn around and stand by you to make sure you were okay.  This is just one characteristics that lead me to adopting my own horse.  His owner had to get rid of him, and I had rid him a couple of times, and I just knew it was meant to be.  Applejack was his name.  He was the most beautifully unique horse I’d seen.  He had this very light brown coloring with black speckles and a black mane.  I loved him so much!

I wish I still rode horses, but as we all know, when you grow up, it seems like you just have less time to do anything.  I know it is something I will always remember how to do, and I will definitely pick it back up at some point in my life.

Anyways, back to my workout today…I can say that it is going to be nice to have a restful weekend.  Hopefully I will not eat my weight haha because we all know that’s just unfortunate.

Today’s weight @ 9:30 – 158lbs